Call for Stories, Artifacts: Arab Americans in Service to our Country

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Patriots & Peacemakers: Arab Americans in Service to our Country

jamal baadani

The Arab American National Museum is issuing a nationwide call for artifacts and personal stories to be included in a future exhibit tentatively titled Patriots & Peacemakers: Arab Americans in Service to our Country, opening in February 2012. This exhibit will allow the Museum to serve its mission by documenting an important part of our community’s history.

Target Communities

This exhibit will explore Arab American life and culture, including religion, family life, work and gender. Special emphasis will be placed on the role of Arab Americans in the U.S. Armed Forces, Peace Corps and Diplomatic Corps. Selected narratives will highlight the Arab American experience inclusive of waves of immigration, religious affiliation, national origins and places of residency. Our goal is to also have representations from all states.

Items Requested

We seek individual, organizational and community stories, artifacts, and historical documents that reflect the Arab American experience. Potential items can include: letters and documents; personal objects; oral histories; medals, awards, and other honors; uniforms or other clothing, photographs and memorabilia collected during the period of service. Collected materials for the exhibit can be donated or loaned to the Museum.

(photo: Gunnery Sgt. Jamal S. Baadani of the U.S. Marines, founder, Association of Patriotic Arab Americans in the Military) 
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