Selection of Patriots featured in the national exhibition with links to the Washington DC Area

Hon. Sammie A. Abbott
United States Army, World War II

General John P. Abizaid
United States Army (1973–2007)

James G. Abourezk
United States Navy
Korean War (1948-1952)

Jamal S. Baadani
United States Marines (1986-2010)

Mofid Deak
United States Department of State, (1987-present)

Julie Eadeh

United States Department of State (2002-Present)

Alei ElDorry
Peace Corps Volunteer, Turkmenistan 2004-2006
Recruiter, Mid-Atlantic Peace Corps Office 2007-2009

Hon. Edward Gabriel
U.S. Ambassador to Morocco (1997-2001)

George Gorayeb
Peace Corps Volunteer ( Morocco 1971-1973)
Staff , Yemen (1975-1977); Washington, D.C. ( 2004)

Hon. Philip Habib
United States Army, 1942-1946
Foreign Service, 1949-1978; Special Envoy to the Middle East, 1981-1982

Najeeb Halaby
United States Navy, World War II

Michael Hindi
United States Department of States (1980s-2011)

General George Joulwan
United States Army (1966-1997)

Hon. Theodore (Ted) Kattouf
United States Army (1968-1971)
U.S. Foreign Service (1972-2003)

Dr. Nabeel Khoury
U.S. Foreign Service (1987-2013)

Paul Malik
U.S. Foreign Service (1992-present)

Thomas Mansour
United States Coast Guard (2009-Present)

Hon. George J. Mitchell
United States Army (1954-1956)
Special Envoy for Northern Ireland (1995-2000)
Special Envoy for Middle East Peace (2009- 2011)

Raja’e Nami
Peace Corps Volunteer, Gabon (1997-99)
Camille Nowfel
US Department of State, diplomatic interpreter (worked for five presidents)

Dina Habib Powell
United States Department of State (2005-2007)

Isa Khalil Sabbagh
United States Information Service/United States Foreign Service (1950s-1980s)

Col. Alfred H. M. Shehab
U.S. Army (1942-1963)

Ruth Ann Skaff
Peace Corps, Morocco (1971-1977)

Nura Suleiman
Peace Corps, Cameroon ( 2007-2009)

Hon. Marcelle M. Wahba
U.S. Foreign Service (1986-2008)

Hon. Susan L. Ziadeh
U.S. Foreign Service (1993 to present)    
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