Discussion Questions and Classroom Activities Connecting the Exhibition to Curriculum Standards and Benchmarks

This museum visit aligns with the Michigan Department of Education’s K-12 Curriculum Standards and Content Expectations. For more information, visit their web site at http://www.michigan.gov/mde

Arts Education: Visual Arts:
Response Strand: Describe, analyze and understand the arts in historical, contemporary, social, cultural, environmental and/or economic contexts

World Languages – Diversity:
Identify diverse languages and cultures throughout the world

What cultural objects did immigrants bring with them and how do they connect them to their country of origin?


Career and Employability:
Career planning. All students will acquire information from career awareness activities.

What do the 9 immigrants do for a living and how does that contribute to their community?


English Language Arts:
Reading Strand: Narrative text
Investigate examples of stereotypes through contemporary literature
Informational text
Students will identify and analyze informational genre (museum labels)

Compare and contrast the benefits and challenges of immigration in the United States. List responses on the board or have students fill out KWL charts. What do you know about immigration, what do you want to know more about, and what did you learn about immigration?


English Language Arts:
Speaking, Listening and Viewing Strand:
Respond to multiple text types by discussing, illustrating and/or writing to show Understanding

Visitors will be asked to share their thoughts on how immigration has affected their lives by recording comments at a video kiosk inside the gallery that will instantly appear on the popular video website YouTube. For more information about recording a YouTube video of students’ views on immigration, call 313-624-0202.


Social Studies: Geography
Distribution and Migration of People
Explain how historians use artifacts and primary and secondary sources to explore the past
World History
Analyze demographic changes in America due to immigration

Devise questions in class and interview family members or friends about their immigrant experiences. Share your stories. These sites have good ideas:

“How Do I Ask Questions?” from Judith Moyer’s Step-by-Step Guide to Oral History:
Click HERE

Scholastic’s Immigration web site includes an Oral History Scrapbook project:
Click HERE


Social Studies: Civics and Government
*Core democratic values of patriotism
Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship

Dr. Anan Ameri, Arab American National Museum Director says,

“With the exception of Native Americans, all Americans have immigrant ancestors. We all desire a peaceful and productive life with adequate educational and employment opportunities. We all contribute to the fabric of American society.”

Give examples of how immigrants in the exhibition contribute to American life.


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