Arab American National Museum: Connecting Communities Exhibition
October 1, 2009 – March 28 2010 in the Main Floor Gallery; free with Museum admission.

The new multimedia AANM exhibit Connecting Communities uses metro Detroit as a microcosm of American immigration. Nine local immigrants tell their own stories, which often contradict stereotypes and misconceptions. Visitors will listen in on conversations with Arab, Latino, Southeast Asian and Eastern European immigrants, and view their photos and personal objects. Visitors will then be asked to reflect upon and share their thoughts about immigration and how it has impacted their own lives.

Our nation, including southeast Michigan, has witnessed a large influx of immigrants from different parts of the world. Immigrants are often portrayed as a threat to our way of life and as a burden on our economy. Stereotypes and misconceptions about immigrant life abound, and public opinion about immigrants, including that of young adults, is often tainted by this debate.

Our *core democratic values reflect our belief that all people, including immigrants deserve the opportunity to experience and participate in cultural and arts activities and to participate in the shaping and telling of their own stories.

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