Exhibition Description

Millions of Iraqi and Syrian families were driven from their homes in recent years due to war, conflict and destruction. A small fraction of them overcame the bureaucratic obstacles needed to enter the United States. The images in this exhibition are of the personal objects carried by these immigrants and refugees.

Photographer Jim Lommasson traveled the United States documenting these objects and asking their owners to write directly on the image to explain why they chose these items, above all others, to remind them of the lives they left behind. The resulting images are as beautiful as they are heartbreaking. With every image of what these immigrants and refugees managed to save, visitors also gain a better understanding of what each person has lost. The combination of carried objects and intensely personal stories illustrate the common threads that bind all of humanity: the love shared for family, friends, and the places people call home.

Book What We Carried: Fragments & Memories from Iraq & Syria




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