Fragmentation & Unity: The Art of Sari Khoury



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Khoury working on the ACCESS mural, located at the ACCESS Main Office in Dearborn, MI. C. 1988
Photo courtesy of Suheila Khoury

“As immigrant artists, we are left in the position of proving our creative potential in an alien and often crass milieu. We are expected to function within, and to contribute to, a new system of professional galleries, art organizations, and educational institutions. We are also expected to spice up the melting pot of art with motifs of our native culture for the benefit of our curious peers and intellectual colleagues. In addition to all that, we follow our sense of noblesse oblige in honor of our national heritage and for the sake of our compatriots. All in all, we find ourselves performing a complex juggling act.”



13624 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn, MI 48126 - Phone (313) 582-AANM (2266) A Project of ACCESS