Fragmentation & Unity: The Art of Sari Khoury



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 Khoury Self-Portrait

Self Portrait, c. 1967.    Oil, 26.25” x 29.75”

Art based on intuition has more to offer than art based on theory and rationalization.  Choices I make have to make sense to the viewer and myself, but the creative act must arrive with minimum self-consciousness.  I find abstraction more exciting since it has no obligation to external references, but rather dwells in the theme and variations that lie within the use of shape, line, color, texture, and space.  As in jazz, it utilizes the immediacy and the improvisational qualities of the elements of composition, and hence evokes an immediate response out of the viewer.  To involve the viewer, I incorporate suggestive elements, but any direct connection to a specific object or subject is either incidental or coincidental.”

Sari Khoury
June, 1990


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